Vision and Mission of History Study Program


In 2019 it became an excellent study program in creating experts in the field of history and was able to compete in the historical field which had the dimension of religious morality in facing global demands.



  1. Forming experts and or academics who master the Science of History.
  2. Organizing education in the field of history, which has nationalism orientation and morality dimension.
  3. Develop research in the field of history by paying attention to and emphasizing local wisdom.
  4. Organizing Community Service, to practice science for the better and more meaningful life of the community.



  1. Produce competent and professional graduates in the field of history.
  2. Improving the ability in organizing academic activities in the field of historical science, which has nationalism and morality dimension.
  3. Improving the ability to conduct and develop research in the field of historical science which has local wisdom dimensions.
  4. Improving the implementation of community service in accordance with the field of history in order to advance people's lives better and more meaningful.